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last changeThu, 18 May 2017 16:18:33 +0000 (18:18 +0200)
10 days ago Marcin Siodelski[master] Added support for --with-srv-conf-file configu... master
11 days ago Thomas Markwalder[master] added release note citation
2017-05-10 Thomas Markwalder[master] Moved bug-fix release notes from features...
2017-05-10 Thomas Markwalder[master] Altered v4 lease time handling better handle...
2017-05-03 tmarkwalder[master] Updated release notes
2017-05-03 tmarkwalder[master] dhclient now enforces require options statemen...
2017-05-03 tmarkwalder[master] v6 FQDN option unpacking now handles values...
2017-04-26 Thomas Markwalder[master] Removed log argument format issue in dispatch.c
2017-04-26 Thomas Markwalder[master] Capped large interval times to avoid fatal...
2017-04-26 Thomas Markwalder[master] dhclient now writes expiry time as an unsigned...
2017-04-26 Thomas Markwalder[master] Server now supports EUI-64 based address alloc...
2017-04-26 Thomas Markwalder[master] Fixed segfault in OMAPI when source object...
2017-04-26 Francis DupontDisabled lmdb (#45069)
2017-04-12 Thomas Markwalder[master] Execute pool statements separately in dhcpinform()
2017-04-05 Thomas Markwalder[master] Added 4.4.0-dev tag to util/
2017-03-08 Francis DupontMerged #28761 (Linux interface discovery)
7 months ago v4_3_5
7 months ago v4_1_esv_r14
9 months ago v4_1_esv_r14b1
9 months ago v4_3_5b1
14 months ago v4_1_esv_r13
14 months ago v4_3_4
14 months ago v4_1_esv_r13b1
14 months ago v4_3_4b1
17 months ago v4_1_esv_r12_p1
17 months ago v4_3_3_p1
21 months ago v4_3_3
21 months ago v4_1_esv_r12
21 months ago v4_1_esv_r12b1
21 months ago v4_3_3b1
2 years ago v4_2_8
2 years ago v4_3_2
10 days ago v4_1_esv
10 days ago v4_3
10 days ago master
2 years ago v4_2
5 years ago v3_1
6 years ago v4_1
6 years ago v4_0
9 years ago v3_1_0rc1