2007-12-14 Evan Huntautoconf regeneration v4_0_0
2007-12-14 Evan Huntautomake regeneration
2007-12-14 Evan Huntautoheader regeneration
2007-12-14 Evan Huntaclocal regeneration
2007-12-14 Evan HuntTagging for release of 4.0.0 final
2007-12-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2git to create branc...
2007-12-12 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-12-12 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-12-12 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-12-12 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-12-12 David HankinsInclude additional files in 'make dist'. [ISC-Bugs...
2007-12-11 David Hankinsrelease date++ v4_0_0rc1
2007-12-11 David Hankins- The reverse dns name for PTR updates on IPv6 addresse...
2007-12-08 Evan HuntFix typo
2007-12-08 Evan Huntdhc6_lease_destroy() and dhc6_ia_destroy() now set...
2007-12-08 Shane KerrAlways send preference if it is configured.
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-12-06 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-12-06 David HankinsRelease to 4.0.0rc1.
2007-12-06 David HankinsCopyright++.
2007-12-06 David Hankins- A bug was fixed where the DHCPv6 server puts the...
2007-12-06 Shane KerrInsure we let people Request addresses that we suggeste...
2007-12-05 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-12-05 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-12-05 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-12-05 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-12-05 David Hankins- ./configure now autodetects local database locations...
2007-12-04 David Hankins- A reference overleak in DHCPv6 shared network process...
2007-12-03 David Hankins- A bug was fixed that caused the DHCPv6 ORO option...
2007-12-03 Francis Dupontfix dhcp6.status-code success parsing
2007-12-02 Shane KerrProperly ignore address hints if we cannot supply them.
2007-12-02 David HankinsDocument changes to dhclient-script.
2007-11-30 Francis Dupontalmost editorial stuff
2007-11-30 Francis Dupontfix IPv6 nits
2007-11-30 Francis DupontAdd an entry about Information-Request support by the...
2007-11-30 Francis Dupontthe DHCPv6 server now replies to Information-Request...
2007-11-20 David Hankins- The DHCPv6 client now issues fresh transaction IDs...
2007-11-20 David Hankins- The server now limits clients that request multiple...
2007-11-20 David Hankins- If the client had multiple addresses, and one expired...
2007-11-19 Francis Dupontspelling
2007-11-16 Shane Kerrregen
2007-11-16 Shane Kerrautoconf regeneration
2007-11-16 Shane Kerrautomake regeneration + added forgotten example tests
2007-11-16 Shane KerrUnit test framework now added.
2007-11-14 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration v4_0_0b3
2007-11-14 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-11-14 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-11-14 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-11-14 David HankinsTo version 4.0.0b3.
2007-11-14 David Hankins- The server will now include multiple IA_NA's and...
2007-11-07 David HankinsDon't segfault on NULLs.
2007-11-06 David HankinsRemove unreviewed sources from HEAD.
2007-11-02 Evan HuntClarify error message when lease limit reached. [rt17010]
2007-10-31 David Hankins- Relative time may now be used as a qualifier for...
2007-10-30 David HankinsMight even work.
2007-10-27 Evan HuntUse different paths for PID and lease files when runnin...
2007-10-27 Evan HuntDon't delete PID files before writing to them. [rt17030]
2007-10-27 Evan HuntAdd note for merges of 17090 and 17250 (which I forgot...
2007-10-26 Evan Hunt- Reworked cons_options() and store_options() to fix...
2007-10-25 David Hankinsremove redundant dhcp-dhcp
2007-10-24 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration v4_0_0b2
2007-10-24 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-10-24 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-10-24 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-10-24 David HankinsVersion to 4.0.0b2.
2007-10-24 David Hankins- The client leasing subsystem was streamlined and...
2007-10-23 David Hankins- sendmsg()/recvmsg() control buffers are now declared...
2007-10-09 David Hankins- The peer_wants_leases() changes pulled up from 3...
2007-10-09 Shane KerrForgot to update RELNOTES on RT ticket #17196.
2007-10-09 Shane KerrFix a number of bugs with the internal lease state...
2007-10-08 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-10-08 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-10-08 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-10-08 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-10-08 David Hankins- Additional compilation problems on HP/UX have been...
2007-10-05 David Hankins*** empty log message *** v4_0_0b1
2007-10-05 David Hankins- DDNS updates state information are now stored in...
2007-10-05 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-10-05 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-10-05 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-10-05 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration
2007-10-05 David Hankinsversion++ in preparation for release later today
2007-10-05 David Hankins- A core dump during expired lease cleanup has been...
2007-10-05 David Hankins- DHCPv6 server Confirm message processing has been...
2007-10-05 David HankinsClient bugs introduced in development repaired. [ISC...
2007-10-05 Shane KerrFixed some log messages.
2007-10-04 David Hankinss/PIv6/IPv6/
2007-10-04 Shane KerrBug in decoding certain options fixed.
2007-10-03 David Hankins- Compilation with DLPI and -Werror has been repaired...
2007-10-03 David Hankinsautoconf regeneration
2007-10-03 David Hankinsautomake regeneration
2007-10-03 David Hankinsautoheader regeneration
2007-10-03 David Hankinsaclocal regeneration